Our Approach

We are able to provide a friendly, and professional steam & high temperature cleaning service using high quality equipment that excels over conventional methods of cleaning. Steam & High temperature cleaning is a safe and effective cleaning method that removes the risk surfaces becoming dangerously slippery avoiding health and safety hazards.

Using heat we can clean a wide range of buildings, surfaces, even ornaments and statues, removing them of unwanted substance. Once cleaning has been completed these surfaces usually appear almost new, significantly enhancing the appearance of any domestic area.

  • steam cleaning devon
  • pressure washing devon


Roof Cleaning

Cleaning a roof can be a daunting task, especially if you are afraid of heights or unable to reach it yourself. Many roofs get covered in moss, mildew, and debris which can leave a property appearing unmaintained and artificially aged. Our cleaning equipment enables us to clean roofs easily and thoroughly, returning your property to very nearly its original state. Scaffolding is not required, hence the disturbance is kept to a minimum.

Patio & Decking

During the winter, patios & decking can be left unattended, dirt can quickly build up causing a slippery surface and unsightly view. With professional cleaning this problem is resolved and the patio or decking is returned to a clean, fresh surface, for safe and pleasurable use.

Tarmac & Brick-Paving

Driveways often get forgotten and over time Tarmac and Brick-Paving can begin to look unpleasant. Using high temperatures is an ideal way to effectively clean these surfaces, removing dirt, moss, and mildew with ease, leaving the surface appearing almost brand new.



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